Graphic Design/Artwork

Personal Trainer
Poster Layout

Digital illustration and poster design commissioned by a professional boxer and personal trainer to use as promotion for his new brand and social media. 


Goal: Create an authentic poster featuring the head personal trainer as a digital painting. 

Digital painting: Natascha van der Vegt

Layout: Natascha van der Vegt

Personal Trainer Poster Design
Personal Trainer Poster Design

GAP t-shirt design

An illustration representing the year 1969, the year of Vynyls and Flared jeans. In 1969 the first man landed on the moon, clothingbrand Levi’s launched their now famous flared jeans and Vynyls became increasingly popular. 

Client: GAP

Goal: Create a t-shirt design that resonates with the year 1969 and represents the values of GAP. 

Digital art: Natascha van der Vegt

Extra info: This t-shirt design was originally made for a competition, however with minor adjustments, is now used for regular print work. 


GAP design
Astronaut T-shirt Design

Amstel poster design

I worked on these posters while employed at 180 Kingsday in Amsterdam. I worked on designing the bottle as a core element, as well as the final layouts. 

Client: Amstel

Goal: To create an authentic poster using the featured bottle and additional elements representing both Amstels brand and the UEFA Europa League.

Artwork: Various designers at 180 Kingsday.


Amstel poster portrait