Motion Graphics design Projects | Personal work

The Joker project

Illustration and animation inspired by the Joker 2019.

Client: Personal work for my graduation project

Info: After seeing the Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix in the theatres in 2019, I was really amazed and inspired. I made this illustration and animation based on the movie. I edited and added the audio too. 

MINI Youtube advertising

Goal: Create three separate video ads for MINI private lease to create awareness for the new campaign. 

Client: Mini

Agency: 180 Kingsday

Animation: Natascha van der Vegt

Extra: The videos were used as Youtube bumper ads in April 2019. 

personal practice

Before properly working for clients, I had a lot of fun making short experimental animations and illustrations, often resulting in funny video’s like these. 

Goal: Experimentation

Client: Personal project

Illustration and animation: Natascha van der Vegt