Context: In May 2021, Dutch Cargo bike brand Cangoo requested a new identity for their brand. The brand used to be part of global bike brand Popal. In 2021 the brand however needed to be separated from the regular transport bikes. 

Goal: Establish a new and unique identity, that would allow them to stand out from competition and build an allegiant community around their brand.

Role: Brand strategy and identity design, art direction, graphic design, production

Cangoo rebranding

From strategy to identity

We started with a strategy session, in which we defined the current issue and acquired all fundamental insights about the brand and brand story. During this session we focused on defining the target audience, competitive landscape, brand story, values, personality and more. After the first strategy session I gave a presentation wrapping up the first session and presenting the first style-scapes that would become the foundation for the new identity.  


After the first stage I took all accumulated insights and information and developed the full brand strategy and identity – delivering a brand guide containing matching fonts, colour schemes, use of logo, tone of voice, art direction and indications for use of social media. 

The brand identity was then used to develop vital touchpoints for the brand, including thank you cards, POS material and social media templates.

Cangoo rebranding

Photography and videography

Because I had a very clear vision of what the brand had to embody, creating a photography vision board was fun and effortless. I wanted real photography with real people. Not just the perfect picture, but the moments in between. To capture the realness of these beautiful families. 

We first established a detailed presentation to convert the exact vision we had in mind for the brand photography. The team really showed their best side and hit home with the delivered photo’s and video. 

Cangoo rebranding

Website design

After establishing the brand identity guide, I also designed a few outlines for the website look and feel. In order to create the website we were looking for, we worked together with a very talented web designer and developer. They turned the initial brief into something fun and interactive, matching the brand identity perfectly. 

Sparked your curiosity? Go check out to see the end result. 

Life is messy. Life is ups and downs and laughs and cries. Life is cycling through heavy rain but smiling because you know the destination is always rewarding. Life is busy and time is always scarce.

But even in all this running around you can rely on your Cangoo. Cangoo has everything to offer for a safe, comfortable and smooth ride. We’re here to help, whenever you feel helpless. For the good times and the bad times. We’re here, for life.