Hi, I'm Natascha. I'm a communication specialist, (brand) designer and multidisciplinary creative working for ambitious clients all over the world.

Creative multipotentialite.

Natascha's thrives tackling creative challenges ranging from creating brands (strategy, identity design & management), to graphic design, project management and setting up and coordinating any other brand communication.

With experience both on agency and consumer side, in B2B and B2C, she is an expert communicator and has an exceptionally organised way of working. She loves taking on creative challenges and will always go above and beyond to get the best result possible. She founded creative agency Double Radical in 2022.

Brainflow, brainfart, insane ideas, creativity, courage, frustration, achievement, euphoria. No limits or labels. Only breathtaking work with focus on connection and conversion.

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Brands and agencies I've worked with